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What we offer:
Café au Clay Summer Camp Program exposes children to a variety of art techniques
and an understanding of the process of clay production. As the working studio of
Masque Powers, the only New Orleans hand made ceramic masks, your child will
work side by side with clay artist and artist of many other backgrounds. They will get to
experience working with wet mud, or "slip",through all the process to create a glazed
finished ceramic art piece. Four highly skilled artists will share their techniques and
passion in each session. These sessions will include stories, history, games in
our garden, snacks, lunch, and of course masterpiece art work created by your child!
* Before and Aftercare is available at $5.00 an hour

Two Day Clay Building Camps
$ 65.00 Per Camper- From 8:30am- 12:30 Pm-Lunch Included
In These 2 day workshops, your child will learn the basics of slip casting all the way
to a finished piece. Day 1 we will work with the wet clay by building, sculpting and cutting
into unique and fun shapes. On the second day out team of artist will demonstrate painting
techniques and help your child fulfill their vision. These are Wednesday and Thursday Camps

Dates of Camps Ceramic Projects
May 27th and 28th Make a Clock
June 3rd and 4th Masks and Dinosaur Night lights
June 10th and 11th Hanging Mobiles
June 24th and 25th Mosaic Table tops
July 1st and 2nd Make a Clock
July 8th and 9th A girls only Mask camp
July 15th and 16th A boys only Dinosaur Camp

Claymation Camps!
This a Ground Breaking full day Camp that will introduce your child to the techniques of animation
using Clay!!! Each session, the group will choose a pre-written 4 minute script. From there, the campers
will build miniature sets and characters from clay. They will learn to light the "set" and how to manipulate
their clay characters into movie motion!
They will also learn how to operate an animation camera and lay
down the soundtrack. Each participant will receive a DVD of their film the following day.
The Camp is $150.00 per camper. The camp goes from 8:30am-5:30pm and is limited to 10 campers.
This camp is for ages 10 and up and includes lunch and snacks.
The Camp will be held every Friday from May 29th to August 14th.

1 Day Camps
These Camps are from 8:30am- 12:30pm.
$30.00 per Camper
These camps are held Wednsedays and Thursdays.Lunch Included.

June 17th and June 18th is a Father's Day Camp and we will be doing Father's day gift making including "I love you Dad" Dinner plates, mugs,etc.
July 22nd is themed It's All in the Name and we will Learn the meaning of your name and paint a name Plaque for your room.
July 23rd is a High School Musical themed camp where we willSing, Dance, and Paint to the beat on musical themed pottery pieces!
July 29th is a Picture Perfect camp where we will Paint a picture frame and take home a pictureof you making it!
July 30th is our #1 Saints Fan day camp where you will Paint your own Saints mugs, plates, bowls,Pencil holders, etc.
August 5th is the Fantastic Tales camp that will have Dragons and faries come alive with stories and make believe by creating your own ceramic version.
August 6th is the Banking on my Future camp where we will Discover all the reasons to save money and then paint your own special money bank.
August 12th and August 13this a Back to school camp to help you Get in the mood by painting the coolest 3 tiered pencil holder in the world.

2 Day Art Camps

These Camps are from 8:30am-12:30pm. $80.00 per camper. Lunch Included!
Over an 11 week period we will explore the history and techniques of major
art movements. On the first day we will use traditional materials used at the
time the original artists worked. On the second day your child will express their
own creative interpretation of the art period utilizing the techniques from the day before
on their own one of a kind ceramic masterpiece! These camps are held Mondays and
June 1st - 2nd and August 3rd- 4th we will be learning Cubism.
We will work on Geometric mugs to recreate the layers of the periods work.
June 8th - 9th and July 20th - 21st we will be learning aboutPop Art.
We will work on a square dinner plate and be inspired by the late modern art work
June 15th - 16th will be Impressionist art.
Inspired by artist such as Monet we will make impressionst works on tile.

June 22nd - 23rd is based onPost Impressionist
Working on a large dinner plate we will be inspired by the Avant Gaurde Artist of the period
June 29th - 30th we will discover Native American Art.
We will work on bowls inspired by Native American Rice bowls
July 6th - 7th and July 27th - 28th is a Scraffitti camp.
We will work on scratching back into artwork on a Plate.
July 13th -July 14th is a Water Color exploration.
we will Work on plates using water color techniques


Stay tooned for summer vacation camps and spring break camps. The dates and details should be coming in early march.

Also Ladies night is still going on! Thursdays starting at 5:30pm. Bring your girl friends and a bottle of wine and come paint! Come and enjoy discounted studio fees, good music and conversation.

New Hours of Opperation

Monday 10am-6pm
Tuesday 10am-6pm
Wednesday open by appointment (call in advance to let us know you are coming!)
Thursday 10am-9pm
Friday 10am-9pm
Saturday 10am-9pm
Sunday open by appointments( call in advance to let us know you are coming!)


Cafe au Clay's
Christmas Vacation Art Camp

Where: Cafe au Clay! Uptown's arty, party, pottery paint place...
8438 Oak Street (Corner of Joliet St.) New Orleans 70118

When: December 22nd and 23rd, Monday December 29th to Friday January 2nd

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 daily

Cost: $45.00 includes all materials, firings, lunch, and snacks.


Mon 22nd December Paint beautiful Christmas ornamants using a variety of techniques from Scraffitti to sponging. The ornaments will be ready to have for Christmas.

Tues 23rd December Fantastic Tales! Stories of dragons and fairies provide inspiration for the day's painting project.

Mon 29th December It's all in a name! Discover the meaning of your name and paint a name tile for your room.

Tues 30th December Clay Building - Part One. Build your own pottery piece from the clay up and learn the basics of ceramics.

Wed 31st December Clay Building - Part Two. Learn how to clean greenware, then paint and glaze your own unique art piece.

Thurs 1st January Planet Savers. Discover how you can help save the planet just by turning off a light and paint your own light switch plate!

Fri 2nd January Back to School. Let's get organized for a dynamic fresh start to school by painting your own guitar, frog, or three-cup pencil holder.


About Café au Clay

A History Lesson

Café au Clay by Masque Powers is the brightest, most colorful new kid on the block of Oak and Joliet streets in the Riverbend neighborhood of New Orleans. A ceramic art studio, pottery paint place, and the production studio of New Orleans’ famous Masque Powers masque, it’s a half day outing you and your friends and family will treasure.

Learn the magic of slip casting and the process of glazing as you watch Masque Powers transform clay into streaming color. Then choose your own ceramic pieces to paint.

We fire up imaginations with stories of rainbow dinosaurs and polka dot fairies. Of snakes and spiders that can outrace pickup trucks and motorcycles.

We encourage a dinnerware set that features more splatters than a ketchup bottle gone wrong.

We lovingly imprint tiny hands and feet on to plates that will be dated and treasured for life.

And we give you tips and all the help you want along the way.

It’s fun, zany, and like no other paint place you’ve been to before. It is the arty, party pottery paint place of New Orleans.

Girls Night Out Gets Creative!

5 p.m. on Thursdays. Girls, make your way from work to Café au Clay for some FUN!!! BYO cocktail in hand; you’ll choose a pottery piece from the practical (e.g., mug) to the lyrical (e.g., high heel cell phone holder). Get some serious and some not-so-serious tips from Café au Clay artists, and have something more than just a hangover to mark your girl’s night out.

The Most Unforgettable Birthday Parties EVER!!!

At Café au Clay you get more than any other party venue!

We offer more than the dozen great birthday themes.

More than kids get to take home something precious that they painted.

It’s more than what they learned about slip casting and kilns.

It’s more than the giant Birthday Card decorated and signed by all the guests. . . .

It’s much, much more than a price tag starting at only $125 for 8 kids. (The most economical party in New Orleans!)

It’s the arty, party ceramic paint place birthday where you don’t have to clean up!

About Will and Kate

On a chance meeting in the mid-1980s, Will and Kate Powers’ first encounter was at a dinner party. It was another decade and many life changes later that they declared their love and were married. Kate left her home in Australia to become ‘Missus’ to the mask maker of New Orleans, whereupon she picked up a paint brush and got to work.

Collectively, they have 8 children who at various stages have populated their busy studio, but sadly have never aspired to become a part of it.

Throughout the years, Will and Kate have survived copy cats, imports, and most recently Hurricane Katrina.

It was Katrina that cemented their love for New Orleans and brought forth a regenerated commitment to continue to make the mask for which New Orleans is famous.

Most recently, they have expanded their studio to become Café au Clay by Masque Powers, located Uptown on Oak Street at Joliet.

It’s their way of making sure that this art form—unique to New Orleans—remains part of N’awlins culture, and that everyone can have a hand in making masks and other ceramic icons from New Orleans.

Products and Services

The Beginning

In 1980, New Orleans was a fascinating and wondrous conglomerate of secrets and art, stories and heroes, drama and heroines—all creating the mystery and magic that is New Orleans today.

Into this rich and vibrant community entered Will Powers—an artist whose affinity with clay inspired him to create a unique masque for New Orleans.

It was a masque that harked back to the pirot, yet captured the spirit of New Orleans with streaming color, exotic crown cuts, and full-bodied 24-karat gold lips and accents.

It became the masque of New Orleans and the face of Mardi Gras.

You will find Masque Powers beautiful work in shops throughout the French Quarter today.

Each piece is still hand cut and hand painted, often by Will and Kate Powers, ensuring that each masque is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece, valued by collectors from around the world.

Best of all, you can now see and be part of the making of the masque.

Masque Powers—The Tour

At 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday you can be part of the masque-making experience.

Starting with wet Mississippi mud (aka “slip”), you’ll follow the masque through all of its stages, trying your hand at cutting the greenware, cleaning the still fragile clay, and finally, painting a masque—your way.

Hailed by tourists as one of the highlights of a trip to New Orleans, it is important to book in advance (504-861-4400). Tours are limited to 20 people and include brunch and lunch at Oak Street’s best restaurants.

It’s easy to get here! Simply catch the St. Charles streetcar up Carrollton around the river’s bend, and get off at Oak Street. Walk past the famous Maple Leaf Bar and Jacques-Imo Café to Joliet Street and there you will find Café au Clay!